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Mar 15

Reading through this world

After 46 hrs of transit I finally made it home.

On the Grid in Madrid

(L to R) Gypo and Me.

Barcelona again and the cookie den

Best pit of the trip.

I went to Barcalona to visit Tommy and then again to go mad over New Years eve. 

Best city on earth.

Moroccan Roll

Morocco is a bazar place. And after everything Mohummad and Idiat made us christmas lunch. Assalamu alaikum groms.

Canary Islands

I will never forget how the Spanish pronounce “islands”


Portugal was epic. Igloo parties were the highlight.

Berlin vol. 2

Berlin vol. 2 was like going back to the future, with James Hetfield. 

Mar 14



Berlin vol. 1

I had heard Berlin was a mental place to go out and have an epic time. But I had a severe case off ‘Im fucking sick’ and only got to get a little sniff of what the city was about. After a few days in bed and wandering the streets I said goodbye to Ella and hello a certain reappearing figure on my trip.

A bit of mayhem unleashed.


This was an incredible experience.


best overnight train ride ever!

After listening to an annoying bitch at our last hostel blab about her time in Krakow I really wasnt too keen on the idea of going there. And then when Ella and I were robbed on the train to Krakow I was starting to think that I had made the wrong decision. 

But just as Ella and I’s positive attitudes saved the day on the train**, our positive attitudes also found us in a pretty rad city filled with history, culture, architecture and sexy polish women.

**While we were being robbed I was sound asleep. Ella, out of the corner of her eye, noticed Mr Creep fingering through our bags and thusly screamed her screechiest scream. Mr Creep legged it off the train, Ella in a panic chased the bandit but alas could not catch the culprit. She returned to the scene of the crime to find a sleeping Stevie and no hand bag.

This meant that yes I was having a fantastic sleep, but also that passports, wallets, ipods and laptops were missing. I slowly awoke, and fully knowing the severity of the situation stumbled to the onboard toilet where I found one full handbag. Danger averted. Lucky I didnt pee the bed, otherwise who knows what would of happened to our gear?!!?


Prague is beautiful… But it also has the biggest nightclub in Europe.

Oh what a night

Nov 30

Vienna in a day

Not sure how I smuggled Ella out of Vienna. Zara’s, markets, old buildings and cafes. One night was enough for me. The beer and sausages were pretty good though.

Buda Pesht

Budapesssssht is a wacky city that I met up with Ella in. While there we enjoyed puhding, goulash and baths. One cold night we watched a band and a talkie film at a bar called szimpla. Rad times. 

Nov 29

The Maja Ship


It was hard not to head straight back to Las Ramblas, but im glad I didn’t. I was finally reunited with Longy, albeit a much chode-ier version, and superstar Huge Pyle. The days were spent smashing pina colada’s like they were going out of fashion, getting warped in dubstep and doing backies off the top deck for all the chicks.

So much shit went down in the one week its hard to recap it all. I guess the best part of it all were the people on the boat, we got a real family vibe going, we even had a mumsy. A few of the highlights included me being fortunate enough to get the nickname pussy mongrel after lying to a girls face when I said she was the most beautiful girl in the world. Chodeworth shat where he ate and got a boat missus for the week. Huge became rich after charging 2 kuns for everything and Tommy kept his redundancy skills up to date.

Longy, new recruit Jarryd and I were doing our best to be the creepiest on the boat but nothing could beat the sailor on board the Maja. Toni was the creepiest man I have ever met and always had a creepy comment for Rikki Sick at every opportunity.

I don’t know how to work this in to the structure of this entry properly, but we invented a game called “Estaban para sinco”. Ask me about it one day and you’ll be hooked.

Onnnnnn Thursday it was Chodeworth and the most beautiful girl in the worlds birthday, it also coincided with a dress up night in a rave cave. Every other boat went for sailors or pirates, but we went for future robots. It was a brilliant theme, period pads and robococks were abundant. We rocked out all night and I went home with a lifestyle gut.

When we got off the boat it was time to say goodbye to everyone. Hugh had women still lining up for him in his Melbourne Rebels mansion. Chodeworth was off to Greek Islands to loose weight and Tommy was moving to Barcelona. I had an epic time with everyone up until this point, but I was all partied out and ready to just chill the fuck out. The next day I jumped on a plane that was Budapest bound to catch up with my favourite Austrian.

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